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Channels for communication with candidates

Our modern world dictates we use new methods and approaches every day in our contact with each other, both in private and work life. In the current market, we see how yesterday, absolutely unknown social media platforms have become booming and famous right now. Today, life is going at high speed.

We use dozens of professional communities, chats, and other resources to receive new knowledge, talk with experts, and search for advice.

And IT recruiting methods are changing now as well. You can find a great candidate for your company, not only on job portals but also using LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow and even TikTok. As a result of all this, you will receive a deeper talent pool!

Before reaching out to candidates, every technology search firm team needs to understand their open position and then try to analyze what kind of social media their ideal prospect uses for communication.

And indeed, the recruiter must remember the main rules of proper tone. Let’s discuss:

  • You must use professional channels for first contact with candidates, like LinkedIn and e-mail. You can call candidates or write in private messengers only in cases when you have received a CV from the candidate directly.
  • In some cases, when an exceptional IT talent profile looks like the best fit for your position, you can use WhatsApp, Viber etc., but only after writing on LinkedIn or e-mail previously. In this case, you need to apologize and explain that you didn’t receive feedback from the candidate, so you worked up the courage to write in extra messenger.
  • Skype is an interesting messenger because candidates can use it for both personal and work goals, so you can write here from the first step as well.
  • Pay attention to professional recruiting and technical communities on social media platforms or sites. You can find great people here: GitHub, Stack Overflow, .Net/Java/PHP/Node.js clubs and others.
  • Also, a very useful channel could be an online freelance platform since we can directly see candidate ratings and feedback. I have had the experience of recruiting developers and designers from UpWork, Behance, Freelancehunt, etc.
  • Social media resources like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are highly personal. But I advise you to add to friends your former candidates, like, and comment on their posts. This trick will help you break barriers between you and your potential candidates. It can help when you have the same vacancy in the future, drop a line to your prospects there. In addition, I recommend using these personal resources for a better understanding and analyzing who your candidate really is.

At Hire&Flare, we use all these channels every day for client success in staffing and recruiting.

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Yevheniia Matrosova
COO at Hire&Flare

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